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Mains electrics.
On this page we can cover the electrics & Wi-Fi.      Now as mentioned, i am a retired electrician & for any mains voltage 220/240v & above i'm covered. NOTE: "Please dont mess with electrics if your not absolutely sure".
But electronics, although has many of the same principles can be very alien to me with practices that you would never do with mains electrics, but this is a different trade & another apprenticeship is needed.
With my layout im looking to go from 240v AC down to 12v DC & will put 3 waterproof cabinets in the garden with room to place 13amp sockets, 3 multi output 12v 
trany's plus,3
Wi-Fi repeaters
& any Wi-fi
boards to switch  
general LED building lights.
The points & s
ignals will be
a bit more local to each item. If i was running all the electrics from just one box, i would of looked at using 24v transformers to help with any volt drop on the longer runs. It actually works out with the equipment i am usi
ng could use 12 or 24v DC supply's as they all units i am using will work within this voltage range. Below is a Water proof IP65 Plastic enclosure, 400x300x170mm, at under £50.00


This cabinet is a plastic "not steel" enclosure is to house at least 2 double power points, 1 x TP-Deco 4 mesh wi-fi unit & the 12v 9 way power supply plus a little room for other items if needed. The reason for plastic, is getting wi-fi signals out the box as a metal enclosure would have limited this.
   The image below is my control box for up to 4 sets of points a light in the railway building it fits in "Light on top of box". & connection for points signal lights. The signal light will be purely to tell me which way any of the point are facing. IE: Green = main line & red branch/siding line. Click on image for more details of interior.


Wi-Fi & Low voltage

For the Wi-Fi i have the normal router from TalkTalk & have added a TP-Link DECO M4 mesh system to the house & garden,

& so far i am quite please as

you login with one name & pass

word & it will more or less

follows you & connects you via

the best signal. To link everything to this system i am using some very inexpensive Wi-Fi controlled relays that can be switch from my laptop, phone or Alexa & this is mainly via some remote software from a company called ewelink. For example to join ewelink & use the online software is around £8.00 per year & a 4 relay board you can pick up for £6-£9 from Aliexpress Now admittedly they have had a couple of server outages which will stop things working, but they are getting a lot better & we are hoping they will bring out a home server to totally eliminate this. I will put in a few tutorials further down the page. Below is just one of the ewelink switches for your computer screen.


Click for full multi switch screen shot

Below is one of the relay boards i have been using & comes in 1/2/4 gang versions with a choice of wi-fi only or wi-fi & RF on the same board. These will cost anywhere between £5 & £14,00. They also have the facility of latch or pulse on the relay outputs, which is handy to operate points. The pulse can also pulse in half second increments. I found that with my servo operated points, 1 second pulse was fine. Click on the image for the 4 gang wifi version.


Click any image to enlarge & extra info

On the interior of the box there are several items that interconnect with each other. On the base there is a 36-8v reducer to 5v 3amp, this is to power the upper relay board & any other 5v dc items there might be. Then there is the 4 relay wi-fi receiver board that is set to 1 second pulse that will be sent to the points controller. The point control adjusts the throw of the points via the black turn knob you can see. The other relay board is tripped & latches via a mag switch i have near the points servo & switches the local 12/24v led red & green signal light as per image on the right >>>.
Have also used the same type of led light, but in white for an inside building light that goes over the top of each electrical box.
The black signal poles were made up with 10 & 22mm copper tube & a few reduces along with some LED lorry side lights. Works out around £12.00 each.

control cover.JPG

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