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Tools are a necessity & if possible, dont skimp on them. I have been lucky in that being a retired electrician i have many tools to use. But i still needed some upgrades to the ones i have. "Maybe i should say treats"

I will put a list opposite on ones i have been happy with & lots more on the Link's page. 
   To start on the electrical side, some decent pliers & cutters along with some decent screwdrivers of all types & sizes. Worth also getting a set of watchmakers screwdrivers. 
If you got some electronics to do. A decent adjustable soldering iron is a must along with a digital multimeter.
Also use a good solder & plenty of good quality flux.
   Because of the framework i was making for the razed track base from "Scaffold", i treated myself to a metal cutting chop saw "EVOLUTION R355CPS240V 2200W 355MM ELECTRIC CHOP SAW" & a MIG welder as i had at least 150 cuts on the steel tubing & around 20 scaffold tubing brackets to make up for the planned corners, & wasn't cutting this lot by hand.  
I also purchased a 6" ground auger to hand drill down 600mm/24" for the main scaffold support poles. These i am sleeving with 50mm waste pipe & hopping Postcreate will do the job of holding them in.
I did look at a petrol version at £160.00, but this was the better choice at £40.00 & gave me some exercise with having to get past stone, bricks & tree roots in the ground. A petrol one would not get past these items untill you have removed them. 


List of handy tools
The soldering station below for the price is far better than others i got at twice the price. It just works, & at £41.00 on Amazon is a great price.

soldering iron.JPG

The chop saw was a Screwfix deal at £299.00 EVOLUTION S355CPS  240V 2200W
So far i have done 90 cuts through 50mm steel scaffolding tube & still cutting like its going through butter. "Great tool"

But have noticed it gone back up again in price.

Click on image to enlarge


The MIG welder was from ManoMano at an offer price of £199 for this 200amp version. But i see this also has gone up in price again.

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